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Source: Sunday Times (Small Business) 21.6.2015 quote: Chris Nott, IBM Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

On business software he says: “the good thing is you don’t need IT people to analyse data……for small businesses….. there are solutions”

On business software users who are also technophobes (WooCrew note: studies & gut feel tell us that this applies to many if not most Start Ups & Micro/Smaller Businesses), Chris Nott says of these users: “…they spend too much time preparing their data and it takes them away from serving their customers”

On what Smaller Businesses should use: “…should use simple software….”

IBM’s CTO focuses on two** of the four areas that Woosabi has identified as blockages to Start Ups and Small Businesses taking up business software which is pretty essential to help them survive and thrive in today’s commercial world; these blockages are:

Cost, VFM, **Complexity and **the perception “it’s only for the Big Boys” with IT skills.

Woosabi overcomes these blockages for the Smaller Business sector.

While it’s great to see the likes of  IBM’s Chris Nott recognising that Smaller Businesses may need simpler software applications – Woosabi goes a step further by saying the reality is that most Start Ups, Micro and Smaller Businesses need to focus on the essentials that will help them Survive and Thrive.

In line with Woosabi’s hints & tips feature, it is worth stating the basis on which Woosabi was founded, which is MBE! 

Woosabi’s owners and developers are experienced small business owners of previously successful commercial enterprises and in each business, MBE was practised. MBE (Management By Exception [see refs: F W Taylor + Henry Ford 1920’s]) allowed us to set the commercial parameters of the business eg all invoices to be paid with 30 days or all customers to be contacted every 30 days etc; once these parameters were in place, we would not continuously search/interrogate the data/system to see who has/has not paid/been contacted, but we would only react when breaches occurred….in our “old lives” this breach notification was physical ie via the Office PA (in our cases, our wives!). This allowed us to focus on the job in hand and not suffer from data analysis paralysis!

Today, Woosabi offers an in-built auto-MBE operation which includes a business Virtual Office PA managing the MBE process for the Essentials for Smaller Businesses to Survive and Thrive by auto-flagging any breaches.

In the same Sunday Times article, Martina King of Featurespace data analysis, mirrors many of IBM’s Chris Nott’s views and certainly has resonance with Woosabi’s aims and objectives regarding software for Start Ups and Smaller Businesses.

On the need for data analysis, she says: “….the power of analysis to…you can better your company by clever use of technology…it takes so much more effort to win a new customer than to look after an existing one”

On the needs and obstacles for Small Businesses and data analysis: “Small businesses have to work hard to make sure they behave like really large ones….. the data environment is so complex it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees…..but data analysis can be simple, cost effective and in many cases, hugely beneficial to a Start Up or growing business…”

Martina also says: ” …big companies have been piling in cash for data analysis…while smaller ventures have been slower to recognise the benefits of tapping into the information at their finger tips…and…a lot of Small firms cannot be bothered to go through the data, and find it difficult to spare the time and effort….” Well here at Woosabi the WooCrew kinda disagree a bit with Martina!?! We don’t think smaller ventures are slow to recognise/can’t be bothered with the benefits of data analysis; it’s our belief that the majority of Start Ups and Smaller Business are run by people who recognise and can be bothered with data analysis…..the reasons for the slow uptake of business software (including data analysis) have already been identified, in commercial and academic studies, as blockages including:

1. Cost 2.VFM  3. Complexity 4. the perception “it’s only for the Big Boys” with IT skills.

Added to these obstacles is the fact that in the early stages, Start Ups and Micro/Smaller Business “data-analysis needs” are not as broad as larger organisations – their needs are basic essentials which will help them to Survive and Thrive, such as:

“have the Quotes been sent…….have the Invoices been sent……..have these been paid on time……are customers buying within the parameters set eg every day/week/month etc……….is the cash flow Positive  or Negative by day/week/month/year.”

Small Business have found it difficult to get the software package that gives them these simple data essentials without paying a lot of money. No longer! Woosabi can help!




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