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Even the best Business Plans cannot guarantee the right foundation for success – all plans should be supported by the implementation of the 3 Es. Woosabi’s Woo Crew Recently mebizplandesignt up with a pretty switched on couple of entrepreneurs. They have all the necessary plans in place to ensure a great foundation for success – but what inspired mostly was how they are clearly exponents of the 3 Es – Effort, Endeavour and Enthusiasm that will definitely increase the likelihood of even greater success!

Lavine and Jen Jones gave up good careers in the Corporate World to start their new venture. When asked why give up good, regular incomes when there are children to bring up, a mortgage and plenty of hefty bills to pay every month? Jen simply replied:

“as employees of corporations, we knew we could deliver sales and profits for others, through hard work, professionalism and determination, so we decided to do it for ourselves instead. It helped that we really wanted to do it to make a good living but also to make a difference in terms of product and service for customers of Dream Doors Swansea

See more details of their business at:

So how do Lavine and Jen demonstrate their 3 Es in in their Dream Doors Swansea business?

Effort – As well as working normal office hours Mon-Fri, they also add in a full Saturday to ensure customers get a great service. But there’s more! Work doesn’t start when the shop opens, or end when it closes. There is a huge amount of planning and preparation, pre and post shop opening hours. And there’s more! They travel over 100 miles a day to and from work/home. And there’s more! They have two kids, a girl and a boy, aged 7 and 5, both going to school 50+ miles from the Swansea Shop, so imagine the logistics involved sorting that little lot out!? And finally, there’s more! Once the kids have gone to bed, Lavine and Jen settle down to go through the day’s work events and then review the next day’s work plans…..oh! and Sundays? Work is never far away from their discussions through the day and of course there is the Sunday night review for the coming week. Definitely a 10/10 for Effort!

Endeavour – the origins of the word are in “an old English phrase To Put Yourself In Devoir” – meaning To Do Your Utmost; and Lavine and Jen are certainly doing their utmost to achieve their goal of building a solid and sustainable business that will reward their customers with top of the range, value for money products coupled with a professional and caring customer service service ethos. By offering existing and new customers this service, their ambition is to see their business grow and thrive, to ensure that as a family, they thrive as well! Another 10/10 here!

Enthusiasm – well don’t just take Woosabi’s word for it – get to meet Lavine and Jen! They certainly believe in their products, services and themselves; this comes across in their approach to Customers and Suppliers. Another 10/10

A good Business Plan + the 3 Es = a recipe for for Start Up and Small Business Success.

Best of luck to Dream Doors of Swansea and keep up the 3 Es

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