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Once again, Woosabi has listened to its usersStart Ups & Smaller Businesses.

See images below.

Firstly, users wanted the ability to send Statements (as well as Invoices) to customers  and the Woo Crew have reacted by improving the Statement Feature which lists Unpaid invoices for each customer and, as requested by most users, the Statement excludes Paid and Written Off Invoices

Secondly, in the Contacts’ Section, The Woo Crew have enlarged the Contact/Customer Summary Box – more info can now been in-put and seen without the need to “scroll down”

Finally, the SAVE button regarding the Contact Home/Landing Page, has been moved next to the Summary Box because…it makes sense!

Thanks to all Woosabi Users, old and new, for their suggestions and comments and for keeping the Woo Crew on their toes!



The Woo Crew

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