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The Woo Crew includes experienced (older!!) sales, marketing, small business managers and owners. It occurred to us oldies that we constantly use snippets and pearls-of-wisdom in helping to develop woosabi – even if some of the pearls raise a few eyebrows with the younger Woo Crew.

Woosabi’s foundation is based on the sales & marketing principles that have helped its owners to succeed, initially as the Ford Cortina-driving salesmen of the late 1970’s, to multi-national company managers of the 1990’s and then as small business owners of today.

Simple sales & marketing principles such as KISS, AIDA, MBE, KRA, KPO, KPI, EAT, EDIC ….and many more, helped to focus the mind and apply things that worked in the commercial world.

In the coming weeks we are going to go down memory lane and try to dig out some of our old sales and marketing manuals (yep most have been kept even if they are yellowing and mouldy old documents today).

Some things never change. Here’s a snippet from a Gillette Guide to Selling manual c 1977

“… the next 10 years the dramatic technical revolution..towards great automation will bring about fundamental changes….(but) there will remain a demand for people (in selling)…. who can communicate clearly by the written and spoken word”

This statement is as relevant today as all those years ago – the technical revolution has been speeding on in the last 40 years and especially so in the last 5 years (remember CDs, DVDs & PCs now replaced by Downloads-Streaming & iPads); who knows what is around the corner? But one constant in the last 40 years and as likely in the next 40, is that the people involved in selling their goods and services to others will always need to be able to communicate clearly by the written and spoken word.

Some things never change except perhaps for the medium of the communication. For example, 40 years ago, Gillette had huge TV and press Ads’ budgets and it was up to the Ford Cortina-driving salesman on the ground to sell the products being advertised. Today’s large corporations (so why not small businesses and start ups) can achieve success in different ways by exploiting new communication technology, for example, marketing via websites, web blogs and social media, as well as still looking for the opportunities to go and sell face to face with prospective and existing customers. Today’s technology allows for all business Big, Small and New to compete in getting their message out-there! Looking at some of the Big Boys’ approach to communication has convinced us oldies at Woosabi that they must have their own gang of oldies advising them -there is evidence of KISS, AIDA, EAT and so on, in many of their expensive and inexpensive Ads and social media communication.

Hopefully, some of the Pearls of Wisdom covered in our “hints & tips” trip down memory lane in the coming weeks will go some way to help start ups and small businesses  – sadly we can’t promise a ride in a Fiery Red Cortina…..this remains in our memories only and maybe in a scrap-yard somewhere!



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