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What is start-up business software? What software do you need when starting a business? Do I need business software for a startup?

In our opinion when starting a business the most valuable investment you can make is your time. Woosabi has been created to enable you to make the most of your time by helping you manage your business essentials easily, wherever you are and at a minimal cost to your business.

Startup business software is in our opinion exactly that! Its software specially created for startup businesses allowing for different levels of user IT competency and provides the essential business functions. It’s bespoke software, not cut down versions of more complex systems designed for established or larger companies.

The woosabi startup business software provides each user with the ability to create and send invoices, monitor and update cashflow and expenses, manage customer and supplier contacts, prepare to do lists, interact with other named individuals on your account and delegate/update tasks and projects with them. The  functions are integrated so for example, when you update an invoice status to paid, this will automatically update in your cashflow section.

We think every new business needs startup business software. Not only will it provide you with the key business tools previously mentioned, it will also enable you to send professional quotes and invoices complete with your company logo and contact details, identify the trends/seasonal buying patterns of your customers, plan your work schedule and it won’t need time off to go on holidays or for sickness!

Whilst researching the essential functions required by a startup business we asked people what they would want, what previous problems they had encountered when using other software and how they would use a service like woosabi. We spoke to public and private sector organisations responsible for supporting business startups and their clients, we asked entrepreneurs for their opinions and we also asked accountants what in their opinion would be of benefit to both them and their clients.

Making a commitment to a contract was voiced by a number of interviewees as a reason why they didn’t use startup business software. At the beginning you aim to make as few financial commitments as possible and keep costs to a minimum.  Other service providers require 12 month contracts, subscriptions to training and support packages, premium rate helpdesk telephone numbers etc.

Why not offer a pay as you go service with no long term commitments, no notice periods and provide the option to allow customers to download the information they have inputted into their account anytime they want if for sme reason they cant get on with the startup business software.




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