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Another “trip down Memory Lane” to look at some of the Woo Crews’ old notes on What makes a good sales person?

Good Sales People are born – not made!

A simple case of Nature v Nurture? Clearly, a good personality and a positive attitude could be a mix of nature and nurture and sales people possessing such attributes have a foundation to build on, but, to become a GOOD sales person, much more is needed. Just as a Golfer or Footballer might have a good eye for the ball and and the right positive attitude to succeed – these are only part of the foundation for success. What the most successful professionals (footballers, golfers and sales people) have in common is that their Techniques and Skills are usually above average; they also have something else in common – most will have learnt their techniques and skills! Few professionals are born with skills and techniques, but many have talents that develop through training, learning and practising.

To focus on Start Ups and Smaller Businesses dealing face-to-face with customers, selling is really a matter of acquiring certain skills and techniques to achieve the maximum result from each sales situation.

Unlike sports men and women, sales people do not have to get 100% physically fit (nice, but not essential!), but selling requires 100% fitness in wording, presentation of phrases and approach. Very like sports professionals, sales people will need to maintain their fitness levels by practising techniques over and over again so that in time the use of selling skills and techniques become second nature to ensure 100% selling fitness levels are maintained.

Over the next few blogs, we will cover skills and techniques that might help Start Ups and Smaller Businesses improve their business fitness levels. The areas to be covered will include:

Establishing Customer Need, Opening the Sale, The Offer, Meeting and Overcoming Customer Objections, Closing the Sale, The Lost Sale, Selling Failure v Selling Greatness – the differences and warning signs.

Here’s to the next time!

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