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Continuing the “memory lane” hints & tips feature, and with a focus on “face to face” selling, today the spotlight is on ATTITUDE.

Attitude can determine success! The difference between failure and success is often very small – so why take the chance?!! Make sure the right attitude is part of a seller’s make up!!

“A sales person’s ultimate role (& goal) is to sell a service/product that will benefit both the seller/seller’s organisation and the buyer/buyer’s organisation. In a previous post, “what makes people buy?” it was shown that Primary Motives (arguably the buyer’s “illogical non-commercial wants”) play an important part in the buying process.

Writer’s opinion statement – ” to achieve the ultimate goal, the seller needs to appreciate the buyer’s potential to possess illogical wants such as “I want to like and to be liked”. The seller could be helped by a simple 3 x Ss mantra  ” Sell Yourself, Sell Your Company, Sell Your Product”. Where many sales people fall down is that they think selling is all about talking and this is the crux – talking combined with good listening skills are essentials, but most of the time it’s more about “how you say it, rather than just what you say”; so remember another simple mantra of the 3 x Es – Effort, Endeavour and Enthusiasm.

For example, using the simple mantras, if a seller tries to convey expertise but is unable to explain simple Feature/Benefits of the product or tries to show the seller’s company as an ethical, sustainable organisation but cannot show any supporting credentials or tries to say the product is fit for purpose but cannot show why…and….to compound things, the seller expresses  words, in monotone, with no visuals for support evidence and  is easily put off by a buyer’s objections or questions, it is arguably a sales recipe for a major disaster for the seller (and buyer – as the product maybe just the one needed to solve the problems for the organisation – it’s just that nobody knows it!!).

Awareness of “what goes to make up a person’s attitude?” may help the seller to gain the ultimate goal, so here’s a list from the past – maybe it still applies today? Look at the CAPE – CD list below:

Confidence – in the seller and the organisation. Customers respond to a seller who instils confidence, so it’s essential that a seller conveys confidence!

Assurance – the buyer wants to be certain the right buying decision is being made (a combination of Primary [could I work with this seller in the future] and Secondary [is the product fit for purpose, is the price right] will always be there see previous post). This comes from the seller’s knowledge of his/her own job, company, product and that of the buyer’s company.

Positivity – is simply the seller speaking and acting as if the expected answer is “Yes”, so avoid negative remarks and suggestions such as “I wouldn’t suggest this product if I didn’t think it would suit your business and that you would get Customer Service issues” better to say “the reason for my proposal is that I believe there are great benefits for both your company and customers” Positivity IS NOT about bulldozing customers or cockiness!

Enthusiasm – it’s contagious!! But it’s also pointless without Confidence and Assurance in place!! Use of the voice and body language can be very powerful in supporting a sellers attitude.

Courtesy – it costs nothing and buyers expect it (an example of a Primary buying motive). Pretty sure readers will need no explanation or examples of “how to be courteous” if any do, then maybe selling is not their game!

Discipline – self discipline in the work place is essential to the right attitude.  Another mantra PTW, WTP – Plan the Work, Work the Plan! In all dealings with buyers, the seller must PTW and this starts with remembering to implement the CAPE-CD list!

That’s all for this post – back soon with a few more memory lane “pearls of wisdom” about Attitude.

Hope these hints & tips help your Small Business or new Start Up to thrive.

Here’s to the next time!

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