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Woosabi’s small business quote software has been built to provide you with very simple, easy to use quotation software.

Every quote you create will be automatically populated with your company information and logo and all you need to do is complete the different fields and then select how you would like to send it i.e. via email or print to send in the post or hand deliver it.

(Follow the same process as creating an invoice for quotes)


Features and benefits of Woosabi’s Quotes:


Customise Your Quote

You can easily add your company logo, contact details and other useful information.

Unlimited Quotes

We won’t limit the number of quotes you want to send each month.

Converting Quotes to Invoices

You can easily convert your quotes into invoices literally at the click of a button. It’s easy to make changes to a quote before you convert to an invoice should your customer have changed their order.

Send via email or post

You can choose how you want to send your quote to the customer. We automatically convert your quotes into a PDF format so you can decide on your preferred method of delivery. If you select to send via email, then Woosabi will do this instantly.

Choose a currency

It doesn’t matter where or who you are trading with in the world, you can select the currency for individual quotes.

Add Tax

You have the option to easily add or remove appropriate taxes for individual quotes.

Chasing Quotes

If you’ve sent a quote and not chased it up, you will be reminded every time you log into your Woosabi account via your homepage.

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