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Business software to help consultants and industry specialists/professionals manage their own business admin effectively.

Are you one of the many micro business owners who work with a small portfolio of clients? You might have long term contracts with just a handful of clients who you focus your efforts on and choose to maximise business opportunities with these rather than increase your client base. You don’t have a requirement for an all singing and dancing business software package instead you just need one that provides you with all the essential business support functions you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

As a consultant, you constantly face the challenge of optimising the use of your time whilst profitably delivering projects on time. On top of this, you are responsible for your business administrative tasks that aren’t billable to client.  These are vital for your business and you need to undertake them whilst minimising the time it takes in terms of lost revenue and your own time.

If this is the case then woosabi is the ideal business software for you. We have included all the essential business software support functions in the monthly fee enabling you to manage your client base easily, keep on top of your quoting and invoicing, manage your cashflow and expenses and provide you with the ability to give your accountant or bookkeeper access to the information they need for your company and personal tax returns and filing. Using woosabi, you can minimize administrative tasks for your consulting firm while gaining valuable insights to improve realization rates, project profitability and client satisfaction.

When working on different projects for your clients, you can use Woosabi to set reminders regarding deadlines and action points, compile and record specific information for your clients and suppliers and develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs and requirements, all of which you can access whenever you log in to your Woosabi account.




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