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Tying everything together is your 24/7, Virtual Office Personal Assistant. At Woosabi we understand that start-ups can’t always afford to employ a designated PA from the off, therefore we designed the next best thing.

Use Woosabi to keep in touch with your team, share information with them even set tasks and reminders. The inbuilt personal assistant software keeps you up to date with all the latest goings on with the admin side of your business. Whether this be marking off your to do list, reminding you to contact a client or informing you of unpaid invoices, the Woosabi personal assistant is a system that you can rely on.

Use the Woosabi PA to:

Create to-do Lists

Is your work desk littered with scribbled notes and bits of paper full of reminders? You’re not alone! By utilising Woosabi’s personal assistant software you can condense these notes into one easily accessible place.

Assign Tasks To Members Of Your Team

Once you have your list of goals, the next challenge is completing them. Woosabi makes it easy to share the workload with the ability to assign individual jobs to any other user on your account. No more missed memos or crossed wires, simply bring up your Woosabi account and set a task to the relevant person in your team.

Organise Jobs And Projects

Keep on track with exactly what is going on with each individual job and project, even down to the individual tasks assigned to each. Our virtual office PA allows you to log and view all of the relevant information in one place, and more importantly keep you aware of impending deadlines.

You can also use your Woosabi to organise your daily, weekly and monthly tasks in order to help you plan your workload.

Remind You Of Unpaid Invoices

Cash is king for the small business and overdue invoices can cause serious problems. Woosabi’s reminder software will automatically send you a prompt if sent invoices have not been paid and continue to highlight these on the Woosabi homepage until you update their status.

 Prompt you to Chase Quotes

How many times have you sent a quote to a new existing or existing customer but then forgotten to follow it up? These small memory slips could mean your businesses missing out on big money. Woosabi’s built in reminder software will automatically keep you updated on the status of sent quotes, allowing you to more easily chase up these leads.

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