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Vase leadership

Enjoying a lovely evening in my local pub last night and the discussion turned to leadership; and to paraphrase a friend of mine “I really don’t understand my company, there’s no obvious direction and certainly no one with leadership skills to direct us if there was!” This got me thinking about the simple basics that a person needs to demonstrate¬†to become an effective leader.

There are loads of Books on Leadership out there – but it’s the Woo Crew’s view that the VASE principle is a very good place to start.

Vision: a leader needs to know where he or she is going, how to get there, who is involved, what achievement looks like when it’s done!

And Communication: a leader needs to convey the Vision to all influencers – above, across, down and outside the organisation. The message should be clear and unambiguous (and done with the 3 Es..see previous blogs)

Say: everything that is communicated must reflect the vision.

Equals Do: everything thing that is done must reflect what is said, which in turn reflects the message. For example, if the policy is for clean cars and the leaders is driving around in a dirty auto – the message is confused and the vision is at the very least questioned if not rejected by those surrounding the leader – a very simplistic example, but hopefully it gets the point across.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to becoming an effective leader, but without the VASE, it’s likely to be a lot more difficult to be recognised as “the leader”


And let’s not forget, leaders are needed in Large Corporations AND Start Ups and Smaller Businesses.

Here’s to the next time.

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