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More Memory Lane Hints & Tips regarding face-to-face selling. See if some of the “old rules” still help you when you are out there selling your goods and services.


Sales people should be good listeners as well as good talkers. Some Golden Rules to listening:

1. Don’t interrupt customers.

2. Remain facially passive eg no frowning, no smiling (unless there’s a joke involved).

3. Positive head movement¬†only “the art of nodding”, even if you disagree with the customer (you are just acknowledging the comments).

4. Look for the “gap” that allows for positive interjections eg “that’s interesting, why do you think that?”

5. Take notes as you go along – it shows active listening and it helps recall.

6. Don’t jump to conclusions eg I know just what you are going to say Mr Brown!” – let the customer conclude.

7. Ask pertinent questions only to stimulate an open discussion and listen to understand NOT to get ready to reply.

8. Ask for opinions, advice, help, information – most people just love to help others.

9. Your problems are never as bad as your customers, so Don’t say for example “I understand you problem Mr Customer, but it cannot be as bad as mine”

10. Whatever happens – Hold your temper! “He who angers you will also conquer you”

11. Two Ears + One Mouth..use in proportion.


Hope these Memory Lane Snippets are of help.


Here’s to the next time



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