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Woosabi is the ultimate software application for start-ups and small businesses. Combining five business essentials into one fully integrated package, when it comes to small business software, no one manages to come close to offering the complete experience that Woosabi brings to your company. The application was developed with small businesses in mind from the beginning and this allows us to provide a powerful business administration suite that is still simple to use and understand, saving you time and money.

Woosabi, the key ingredient to your small business!

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Invoices & Quotes

Whether it’s sending out a quick quote to a potential customer or preparing an extensive invoice for work done, Woosabi has you covered. With our easy to use quote and invoice builder, you can create accurate, personalised and professional quotes in seconds. As well as being able to email or print these documents, they will also be saved within your account, allowing you to access them anywhere at anytime. Invoices will also automatically be saved into the cashflow system to help you keep on budget.


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Cashflow, Profit & Loss

Stay on top of your finances with Woosabi’s built in cashflow analysis software. The small business accounting software will automatically update all incomings and outgoings and alert you of any major concerns, with separate profit and loss modules to keep you up to date with your expenses. Invoices created within the application will also be logged into the software and updated when marked as paid.


With the ability to allow remote access to your accountant, Woosabi aims to take the hassle out of bookkeeping.


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Contact Management / CRM

Maintaining good relationships with customers and clients is paramount to the success of a business. With Woosabi’s built in CRM system, these relationships become easier to manage than ever before. Stay on top of who’s who at each company, when do they order from you and how much do they spend? Woosabi even updates you if you haven’t made contact with them for a set period of time.  The CRM package also offers file sharing linked to individuals or businesses usable both internally and externally.


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Virtual Office PA

Tying everything together is your 24/7, Virtual Office Personal Assistant. At Woosabi we understand that start-ups can’t always afford to employ a designated PA from the off, therefore we designed the next best thing. Use Woosabi to keep in touch with your team, share information with them even set tasks and reminders. The inbuilt PA software keeps you up to date with all the latest goings on with the admin side of your business. Whether this be marking off your to do list, reminding you to contact a client or informing you of unpaid invoices, the Woosabi PA is a system that you can rely on.


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