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At Woosabi we understand that your passion is your business, not the administration and paperwork that comes with it! We designed our small business accounting software with one goal in mind, to help you manage your cashflow more easily and effectively.


Having all of your accounts information on one screen gives a huge boost to productivity. No more searching around for bills and receipts, no more inputting numerous invoices into difficult to use software applications, with Woosabi’s integrated technology, all of this hassle is handled automatically. You no longer need to be a maths wizard or a spread-sheet guru to stay on top of your finances, and with remote access available for accountants and bookkeepers, you can spend more time doing what you love.


With Woosabi’s cashflow features you can:


  • Record and edit expenses
  • Automatically log paid invoices
  • Charge individual expenses against a client or supplier
  • Record expenses as assets when required
  • Compare expenses and costs on a monthly or annual basis
  • 24/7 profit and loss data available at all times
  • Cashflow categories as recommended by HMRC
  • Provide remote access to your Accountant or Bookkeeper


Woosabi makes cashflow analysis as simple as filling in a few boxes.





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