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Some of the Woo Crew attended the first of five Cardiff City Council Business Road Shows aimed at all types and sizes of commercial organisations in, and around, the city. The council’s Head of Economic Development, Ken Poole, hosted the the event which had two main themes – business help and city transport & infrastructure.

Woosabi attended as an interested Small Business, but there were also companies from the Medium and Large Business sectors, as well as Start Up ventures.

From the Woo Crew’s point of view (involved in a Small Business providing an online CRM-Invoicing-Quoting-Cash Management system to both Small and Start Up Businesses), the amount of help and assistance on offer from Cardiff City Council and its partners such as Business Wales, was a real eye-opener!

As well as business help and advice covering: Starting Up, General Business Management, Tendering Support, Employment, Environmental, International Trade, eBusiness, Telecoms and Raising Finance, the Woo Crew were pleasantly surprised to see the range and amounts of Grants, Funding and Investment available to suitable Start Up, Small, Medium and Large Businesses based in the City Region.

If you are a business based in the Cardiff City Region and looking for some advice and/or financial support, it would be worth taking a look at what’s on offer at:

For businesses based in the other parts of the UK and around the world, the Woo Crew are pretty convinced that the business help on offer in Cardiff may well be replicated in your region by your local council authority…..If not – then the Woo Crew are certain that Ken Poole and his Team would welcome the opportunity to discuss the support on offer by relocating to Sunny South Wales!!!

Best of luck!


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