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Woosabi is a team of four entrepreneurs who have each owned and run their own businesses.

Individually, we all share a passion for business, love what we do, enjoy working with our customers providing them with a wide range of different services and products.

Historically we have worked together as customers and suppliers. Friendships have formed and many an hour has been spent discussing our different businesses, how we run them and sharing ideas and knowledge.

We all discovered that we had a lot of things in common including a mutual annoyance and frustration with the lack of simple to use small business software available for start-ups and small businesses. What was available was costly, very difficult to understand and get to grips with, didn’t necessarily provide us with all the business functions we needed, restricted the number of users able to log in without incurring additional costs and couldn’t be accessed via mobile.

These same issues reoccurred in numerous conversations (we did talk about other things as well!) and then we had our ‘Eureka’ moment – why not try to develop one ourselves!

So after a lot of brainstorming, market research and planning we started our journey and Woosabi – (the name stems from the Japanese cookery essential ingredient Wasabi) was born.

Tony O’Sullivan, director of Woosabi explains,  “A couple of years ago, fellow director Dan Bridge and I set out to combat the complexity and cost barriers surrounding the products offered by traditional SaaS providers. Today, in Woosabi, we believe that we have achieved our original goal, offering easy to use, quick, affordable and flexible business software to help organisations develop and manage existing and new customers.”

Continuing, Tony said, “Priced at just £9.99 per month for up to 10 users per account, the Woosabi team is proud to hold our product up against the likes of Microsoft and Salesforce.com knowing that it delivers on effectiveness, efficiency, affordability and is simple to use.”

Woosabi has been in development for a couple of years. The team that now includes Sharanne Basham-Pyke, former Business Transformation Director at BT and Matt Trevett, a marketing and pr consultant specialising in working with SME’s have extensively researched the start-up and small business  market identifying the critical functions and tasks required by start-up and small businesses.

“Our research concluded that we weren’t alone with our thoughts and opinions regarding what the SaaS products currently available for start-up and small businesses,” commented Tony. “There are products out there that on the surface appear to be cost effective but the user has to invest in training packages or purchase additional packages to achieve all the benefits available. Using Woosabi, you don’t. Everything is included in the monthly fee and it’s also free for the first month and operates on a pay as you go basis so users can leave at any time without being tied into a contract and they can export their data to use elsewhere.”

Woosabi has received funding from the Wales Assembly Government but the majority of the investment has been generated via the entrepreneurs own investment.

“There has been a considerable investment of time, effort and money into getting Woosabi to where we are today.  The product has been extensively beta tested by potential customers, professional organisations including start up specialists and accountants and it has passed with flying colours. We have also hosted Woosabi using Rackspace and it’s achieved an A rating from internationally renowned QualyS’ SSL Labs.”

Since our launch, the Woosabi team has been meeting with business start-up organisations, economic development departments in local councils and accountants to introduce the product and explain the benefits.

Commenting on the feedback, Tony said, “The responses we have received from everyone we have met have been quite incredible. Almost immediately after we officially launch, we will be meeting these organisations again to begin promoting Woosabi to their clients either directly or via the reseller packages we have developed.”

“It’s an incredibly exciting time. We are confident that all of our efforts will be rewarded and that the start-up and small business communities will benefit and prosper using Woosabi.”

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