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Maintaining good relationships with customers and clients is paramount to the success of a business. The tangible benefits of good customer relationships include:

  • Improved sales and profits,
  • Greater customer loyalty,
  • Repeat business,
  • Better management of customer expectations
  • The ability to out-perform the competition

With Woosabi’s built in CRM system, these relationships become easier to manage than ever before.

Woosabi keeps it’s users up to date with their client’s contact details and key personnel in real time, allowing you to deal with them professionally and with confidence. However, good customer relationship management is more than just keeping a stack of virtual business cards to hand. Woosabi’s built in contact management system is designed to give you an in-depth insight into your customer’s buying patterns, spending habits, business structures and more.

Crucially, all of this information is available anytime, anywhere at the touch of a button.

Some of our small business CRM application features:

  • Individual customer and supplier contact records. Easily view and update individual records to include information about meetings, phone calls, conversations etc.
  • Share contact records with colleagues. Contacts are stored within the cloud, allowing any permitted users to access them quickly and securely.
  • Quickly view all interactions with a particular company. All invoices, quotes, letters and contacts are listed on a single page in date order.
  • Attach documents and other files to contact notes. Proposals, in-depth quotations, letters and other external documents can be attached and saved in individual customer records and shared with colleagues.



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