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I’ve signed up to Woosabi, when do I have to pay?

Woosabi is pay as you go monthly in arrears, use for 29 days and pay on day 30.

How do I pay?

All major payment cards accepted. Your card details are registered and payable through a secure portal managed by Recurly, SagePay, Securitymetrics and HSBC every 30 days. Woosabi does not have access to any credit card payment details.

Getting Started with your Settings: Adding Users, Invoices etc



How do I leave Woosabi and stop payments?

We don’t tie you into contracts. Woosabi operates on a Pay As You Go Basis. Should you wish to cancel your subscription at any time please follow this process:

 1.  Visit . You will have been sent this link when you originally signed up to Woosabi.

 2.  Use the password you originally used. If you cannot remember it you can reset it by following the on screen instructions.

 3.  Login into your Recurly account and select  ’cancel subscription’. This will cancel your credit/debit card subscription.

 You will have 7 days to export your data from your  Woosabi account.

How do I export data?

Each module has an export option that enables you to download your information in a CSV format.

How secure is Woosabi?


We use Rackspace

We use a proven and well known hosting architecture for robust and scalable apps

We use secure and stable open source l platforms  that are always up to date

We use a well known / trusted 3rd party to perform intrusion and security checks


We update our software regularly

We have 256bit Encryption

Passwords are 8 upper and numeric, all stored in encrypted form

Data Backup

Our databases are backed up daily, with plans to increase this frequency

Data is stored in a remote location i.e. not on the servers


Hosting engineers 24/7 e.g. if machine goes down it will be fixed asap – SLA for more detail

Server Engineers 9-5 to fix critical issues


Email –

More, upgrade to premium support (hourly backups etc)

Can I import existing data?

Yes, just go to the Import Button in your Woosabi product and follow the process.

Can I personalise the fields in Woosabi?

Not at the moment, but we hope to introduce this feature in the near future.

What are the compatible browsers for Woosabi?

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8,9 & 10.

Is Woosabi available on mobile platforms?

Yes, you can access Woosabi via your smartphone, tablet and of course laptop and desktops. The mobile version of Woosabi provides you with access to customer records, the ability to create notes, actions and quotes. The full mobile version will be available soon.

How can I get in touch with Woosabi?

Please use

Woosabi Terms and Conditions

A full list of the Woosabi terms and conditions can be accessed at


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